Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Name That Kitty! Contest

I found this adorable kitty, made of resin, at my favorite thrift store, Life’s Treasures, on S. Dale Mabry in Tampa. With that sweet face, how could I resist? My husband’s voice demanding, “No more junk in this house!” rattled around in the back of my mind as I carried the critter in my basket throughout the store in search of other treasures. So, I took it back to where I’d first found it and put the kitty back on the shelf. What do you think happened next? It jumped right back into my basket! Okay…so it had a little help. But I honestly put it back three times, and each time returned it to my basket. I actually let go of it the second time. That sweet little face almost begged me to take it home. I’ve justified the purchase (50% weekend so it was half price!), by telling myself I’ll keep it at work.
Now I need your help. The kitty doesn’t have a name, so I’ve created a contest to


The winner will receive a free copy of “Chicken Soup for the Soul – I Can’t Believe My Cat Did That!” Among the many amusing and heart-felt stories are my two, “Mewsic Critic” and “Taming My Ogre.”
The Ottawa Herald recently profiled “Mewsic Critic” in one of their articles.

Another of my cat stories, “Trick or Feat,” will be included in CSFS’s next cat anthology, “The Cat Did What?” due to be released in September 2014.

So, put on your creative thinking cap and
Contest ends July 31, 2014.


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