Monday, May 12, 2014

Every Challenge is a Blessing

Blessings from Heaven...

In the midst of my full time job, my writing assignment, and keeping track of my husband's doctor
appointments & medications, discouragement has been lurking in every shadow. But, thanks to Dr. Stephen Bramer (of Dallas Theological Seminary) and his message at Bayside Community Church yesterday (5/11/14), I can stare down those discouraging "I can't do it!" thoughts. In Haggai 1:13, the Lord says, "I am with you." Wow. God doesn't expect me to handle all this by myself. He is with me, ready to help. The first thing that came to mind is to give thanks for all the blessings this flood of stress has provided.

Blessing #1: My full time job. I work with a wonderful group of people who are kind and patient. I have benefits that include medical insurance, paid vacation, paid sick leave, a retirement plan and little perks given at our considerate boss' discretion.
Blessing #2: My writing assignment. What an honor it is to write about finding God in everyday moments. He's there...even when I'm trying to pull words out of a rock to put on my computer screen. My creativity sails smoothly, then WHAM! I hit a brick wall.
Blessing # 3: The brick wall I hit means it's time to take a brief break and rest or take a walk. A change of scenery will bring back the creative juices.
Blessing #4: My husband's appointments & medications have made a difference in his health issues. While I'm still trying to find the blessing hidden within his ailment, we've been blessed with a doctor who looked beyond the surface to find the real cause of the troubling symptoms. He prescribes medications that won't damage the liver, as so many drugs do. And he truly cares about us.
Blessing #5: With all these challenges washing over me, I used them to prove God is in everyday moments!

(I confess I don't know where I found this picture of the angel sprinkling blessings from heaven. Probably from Free Clip Art. I would like to give credit to the person who created it.)

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