Monday, January 21, 2013


Harvest of Rubies
2011 New Author of the Year
 I received this novel as a prize through a friend's blog. What a wonderful prize to win, too!

The opening line - On my twelfth birthday, my father discovered that I could read - drew me into the story and didn't let go of me until the last line. I normally don't read first person novels (with the exception of Mark Mynheir's work), because they usually have a whiney or self-centered voice. But Sarah, the main point of view character, splays her heart open for the reader. She begins the story as a young girl with low self worth and, through her rediscovery of  the love of the Lord, grows to a mature woman of authority and substance, earning the respect of her father and her husband.

Author Tessa Afshar is a champion of deep, riveting point of view writing.

Harvest of Rubies is on my "should be a best seller"  list.

Get your copy today!!