Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NCIS explains St. Valentine's Day to a T!

NCIS, one of my favorite programs, sprinkled some St. Valentine's Day notions into their intriguing story line last night. Tim McGee and Tony DiNozzo made an enlightened observation: the pressure is always on the guys, who would be happy with "Wizard tickets," to provide a never-thought-of-before romantic scheme for their ladies. Should they write a poem, buy roses & chocolate, and/or treat the lady to a special supper at an expensive restaurant? Why isn't the gift-giving a two-way street?
I agree. So I buy my husband a card and ask only a card of him. We don't have to prove our love for each other with special treats or goodies. I don't want roses, or chocolates, or an expensive supper (well...maybe the chocolates can stay) to celebrate this special day. A simple "I LOVE YOU" exchanged between my beloved husband and myself will suffice to honor St. Valentine, who suffered torture and execution for his devotion to the sanctity of marriage.
Thank you, NCIS script writers, for giving Tony, Tim, Bishop, and Abby the right lines to slip a thought-provoking nugget into the story line of murder on the high seas.
(Love that series!)