Thursday, November 12, 2009

Latest Book to Review For Thomas Nelson

This is the latest book I'm reviewing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Of all the books I've reviewed for them so far, this is my favorite. Set in my home state of Texas, the story captured my interest in the opening sentence. And how surprised was I to learn that the author, Colleen Coble, is from Indian and NOT from Texas! Her descriptions of the plains of West Texas are so accurate--from sandstorms to the creepy multi-legged creatures (and I'm not referring to majestic horses) that I believed her to be a fellow Texan. I'm almost finished with this book. Wish I wasn't taking so long. It's a hard book to put down, but distractions have come in droves lately. When I'm ready to post my review on B&N and my blog (so I can choose my next book from Thomas Nelson), I'll give you more details about this unusual story of an unusual woman caught in an unusual marriage.

I'll keep you posted!

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