Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heavenly Humor

I've posted my good news on Facebook, FWA Christian Writers network, and sent e-mails. How is it that I forget to post good news on my blog? It's a condition of age or hair color. Sometimes I claim both.

Last week, I submitted two stories to Heavenly Humor for the Cat Lover's Soul. The title of the first one is The Great Escape. It details a very recent adventure of my two indoor kitties, Pixie and Feathers, as they escaped during the night, or early morning hours, through a hole in the floor of my husband's renovation project. I was certain that one would be selected since it flowed so easily for me.

The second submission, Silhouette on the Shade, is about my first cat Sammy. I always refer to him as "my first love." He was a sweet black and white male cat who stole my heart when I was eighteen years old. My best friend, Mary Ellen Couette, gave him to me as a graduation gift. The story relates Sammy's signal to me when he was ready to come in for the night. I struggled with this story, due to the many years that have passed since the event. But with the help of my editor, Kat Hechenback, all the words and ideas fell into place.

I received an e-mail from Barbour Publishing the next day, requesting to include "Silhouette on the Shade" in the book that will be released in March 2010.

Thank you, Kat!!

With the sale of Romeow and Juliecat to Chicken Soup for the Soul What I Learned from the Cat (now available at Amazon - but, sadly, not on shelves at Barnes & Nobles), I am now considered a free-lance writer. Buddy Chastain, author of The Game (a good mystery/thriller set in Atlanta, GA), told me when you get your first dollar for writing, you are considered an author.

As I continue submitting stories to anthologies or magazines, my confidence is building enough to submit my novel, Obedient Heart, once again to agents and/or publishers. Tyndale House said it's a good story (happy dance!), but my hook wasn't strong enough (sad shuffle). God gave me the story to write, and it will be His time.

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