Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday I received the check from Chicken Soup for the Soul! It's official!! I can now legally call myself a freelance writer!
  • How exciting to know that friends across the U.S. are reading my story! Former co-worker Tina Castillo put this photo on her Facebook page and sent it to me, with a notation, "Look what I just picked up!" She's now in Dayton, OH attending law school. She gave me a coffee mug covered with images of cats. And how timely...she presented it to me the same day I received the e-mail from Chicken Soup stating they were considering my story. What a blessing to know others share in my joy.
  • The book signing idea seems to be dwindling. With Tom working on home renovations, it's doubtful I'll be able to have a signing at my house. I'd hoped to have something on September 28th, since my office was closed that day, but instead spent twelve hours working on the White Rose Publishing novella. On the evening if 26th, I discovered the story was five thousand words short of the contest rules and had little time to fix it. My real estate renewal exam was also due on September 30th--the same deadline as Hearts Crossing. Yikes! I felt a wee bit under pressure that week. I submitted the novella on September 29th, passed my real estate exam on September 30th, and still had to go to work on October 1st. Tired, but relieved that all my obligations were completed.
  • I'm sure I can come up with more stories about Sammy, Mandi, Sebastian, Squeakette, Pixie, and Feathers. How many cat-lover books are there, anyway? Or maybe I'll write about my wonderful husband, who has been so supportive of my writing endeavors. And, of course, being paid gives me more credibility with Tom. B-)
  • Or maybe I'll get back to Obedient Heart. Jack McGowan and Jennifer Ryaan have been waiting patiently inside my computer for me to come back to them. The acquisitions editor at Tyndale House said she liked the story, but it didn't have a strong enough hook to sell it to her marketing personnel. Would she have appreciated it if I'd sent her a fishing hook with a gummy worm on it? Hmmm....maybe not.
  • Until next posting....May God richly bless you!

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