Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At last, the day has come!
I'm bubbling over with excitement! UPS delivered the box of my ten copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul What I Learned from the Cat yesterday evening. It's now available in book stores everywhere. Look for my story, Romeow and JuliCat, on page 301. The cat on the cover bears a strong resemblance to my Feathers. I wonder if she's been modeling on the side? Instead of spending yesterday evening writing, I labored over making a T-shirt with the book cover, the title of my story, and a photograph of Sebastian (Mr. Romeow himself) on the front. I'm wearing it today, with a blouse over it. (Can't be in a law office wearing a white iron-on T-shirt!) I found the Avery iron-on kit at Office Depot on my way home from the FWA meeting on Saturday. Then stopped at Walgreen's where they have T-shirts 5/$10. I didn't know my HP printer has a mirror image selection to print everything backward so it comes out frontward when you iron it onto the shirt (or hat, or tote bag, or...). Cool...but a bit scary. Two people at my office have read my story so far. I hope it prompts them to buy a copy for themselves. One co-worker said he'll buy several for Christmas gifts. Great idea! I've already posted a review on Barnes & Noble. Check it out, too! http://my.barnesandnoble.com/communityportal/Review.aspx?page=Review&reviewid=1217061 If my friends buy copies of the book and want me to have a book signing, I'll host a special Book Signing Tea at my house one Saturday afternoon. Date & Time TBA. Or maybe on Monday, 9-28-09, since my office is closed that day for Yom Kippur. If that would be more convenient, let me know!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Lovely cover, and I am so proud of you for having something in here!