Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Adventures on the Horizon!

Having a story accepted by Chicken Soup for the Soul has pumped up my writing energy! Look for my piece, Romeow & Julie Cat, in Chicken Soup for the Soul - Lessons Learned From the Cat, which will be available September 22, 2009. It's a true account of when my tuxedo cat, Sebastian, fell in love with the femme feline next door.
I've set aside my current novel, "Obedient Heart," to enter White Rose Publishing's writing contest. It's a 25,000 word paint-by-number novel, and the cover here says it all. White Rose has set the parameters of the story: it's set in contemporary times, the characters must look like the couple on the cover, he's an English teacher, and she's a landscape architect. He's one of eight children, and she's an only child. He's lost his faith, and she's beginning to doubt hers. White Rose allows some creative freedom; like naming the characters, choosing what grade the man teaches, and the reason for their diminished faith. Oh, and the man has a deep, dark secret! OooEEEooo. The prize is a publishing contract with White Rose. B-)
I've written five chapters and am already emotionally attached to the two main characters. for the adventures of Travis Clark and Bailey St. John as they meet, fall in love, have a spat, break up, and reconcile, all while fighting a yet-to-be-named foe.
Jack and Jennifer, of "Obedient Heart," have agreed to take a break from my constant editing of their story, to give new life to Travis and Bailey. No, I don't have imaginary friends. But one of the many things I've learned as a writer is that our characters come to life and seem to develop their own personalities. I found that to be true with characters in plays, too, way back when I performed in the theatre.
Keep me in your prayers as I move forward with a new story and--dare I say it?--hope for a publishing contract?


  1. I am SO happy for you on your story in Chicken Soup!! :-D

    Can't wait to read the novelette, too!

  2. just got chicken soup for the soul what I learned from the cat and read janet rockeys story "romeow and julicat"(page 301)brings back alot of of fond memorys of my cat. this writer is very talented and seems to have a real gift for making the reader feel they are a part of what is happening. am looking forword to her upcoming novel obedient heart sure to be a bestseller