Monday, September 26, 2016

God's Invisible Protection

The next-to-the-last leg of my journey to work this morning put me on a curved road that emptied into three lanes at the traffic light. The left lane was a "turn only," the middle lane offered a choice of turning left or going straight. The right lane was another "turn only."

While I waited in line six cars back from the traffic light, the man behind me grew impatient. He pulled his Jeep into the oncoming traffic lane (crossing a double yellow line - Gasp!), and drove around the curve to the left "turn only" lane.

A woman in an SUV turned onto the road, missing a head-on collision with the Jeep by two seconds. A second impatient driver behind me performed the same trick the guy in the Jeep had done. He zipped around the hairpin corner, on the wrong side of the road (another Gasp!), and stopped behind the Jeep.
A young woman in a sedan with a little dog in her lap turned onto the road, missing the latest impatient jerk by a whisper.

The two women who turned onto the road were unaware of God's protection at that moment. Did they get stuck behind a school bus that delayed them those few precious seconds? Did they complain about it?

It made me wonder how many times I've sat stuck in traffic, fuming about being late for work. Did those traffic jams actually protect me?
A simple life lesson learned from people watching:

Thank you, God, for using delays to protect me from other impatient people!

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  1. I will add an addendum to this message. This morning, a car in the ditch, surrounded by 2 police cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance led me to believe another impatient driver apparently pulled the same trick of taking the on-coming traffic lane on the corner to get into their turn lane. Saving minutes isn't worth the risk.