Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Success Story for a Word Weaver!

After reading this wonderful story, I want a pet dragon now.
I love a book that draws me into the story. FINDING ANGEL pulled me into the midst of Angel's world with the same velocity my vaccum cleaner sucks up a dead beetle.
As a teenager, Angel has no memory of her life before becoming a foster child at age six. When Angel's little foster brother finds an unusual bug, she discovers a link to her mysterious past. The pattern on the beetle's back is an exact replica of a charm on her bracelet. The bracelet is the only link to her lost identity. Angel meets a new friend, Gregor, who takes her back to her homeland - and not by train or boat - but through his own Talent. Dragons and beetles and elves abound, along with an ancient prophecy.

Kat Heckenbach's writing style is so convincing, I had a hard time returning to reality. I look forward to more stories from this multi-talented author. FINDING ANGEL is available on Kindle or, for non-techie people like moi, in the traditional bound book.

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