Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Brunchery in "Obedient Heart"

The Brunchery Restaurant & Catering, owned and operated by Greg Elliott, is located at 3225 S. MacDill Avenue in South Tampa.

Another snapshot from my novel "Obedient Heart."

...the waitress approached with their beverages. She pulled out her pad to take their orders.
"I'll have the chicken quiche and salad, please." Jennifer smiled and handed her the menu.
"And you, sir?"
Jack's gaze remained focused on Jennifer. "I'll have the same, please."
Jennifer grinned at Jack. "Do real men eat quiche?"
"Of course." He brandished his fork like sword. "But with a manly fork." He set the utensil down and rested his forearms on the table. "So, they caught only one of the men?"
"Yes. He won't give up his partner, so it means the battle isn't over yet." She stroked the glass of tea with her fingers before picking it up. "Surveillance will continue. It's so frustrating having this hanging over my head all the time."
The Brunchery is a perfect setting for this lunch scene. My Professional Women's Bible study meets here every Friday morning from 6:45 - 7:45. Yes, that's in the A.M.! Twelve to fourteen of us gather together for a study in the Word before work as guests of owner Greg Elliot. He graciously opens his doors for us, and even provides the coffee. I wanted to reward his kindness by mentioning his restaurant in my novel, and the characters were happy to accommodate me. According to the restaurant website, (http://www.brunchery.com/) South Tampa News (a regional section of the Tampa Tribune) voted The Brunchery as a top choice of best place for breakfast/brunch. No surprise there. The outstanding service and eclectic fare keep locals (and out-of-towners) coming back for more. Even the President of the United States ordered a catered lunch from The Brunchery on a visit to Tampa. Greg provided more than 1,000 sandwiches in a day's notice. I bet he did it without breaking a sweat, too!
Jack and Jennifer will visit the Brunchery again in the novel's sequel (still in its cocoon). In the meantime, you can find me there Friday morning at 6:45 with my Bible open. I'll be the one with the mug of decaf.

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  1. Using actual restaurants and or clubs adds viabiity to the story line, brings your characters to 'life' - in a manner of speaking.

    Karen McMillin