Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review Of Raymond C. Hundley's Book

My friend in law school wrote on her FB page, "If I get my law degree, and the world ends in 2012, I'll be really mad!" Dr. Raymond C. Hundley's book, "Will The World End in 2012?" is a quick read with only 184 pages, including a well-written study guide at the end. He begins with a review of the film, "2012," which I opted not to see. Dr. Hundley introduces each prediction with a believable scenario, then takes the reader through the pros and cons of the chapter, and ends with his scientific opinion as to whether or not the catastrophe is feasible. My only critism is his overuse of the word "relationship" in the last chapter. I'll say no more so as not to spoil the ending. This is a book I would recommend, especially to my friend in law school (haha). I intend to read it again with the study guide in mind. I'd like to get 100% on the questions he asks at the end.

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